Let me explain what this is.

Many people visit my pages... print several coloring pages and then staple them together to make a coloring book.

Grandparents make coloring books for their grandkids, teachers  put some together as prizes for their students and  I know of parents putting together coloring books  to give out as party favors or to have around the house at Thanksgiving or Christmas time  and so on.

With this in mind I thought I'd make a unisex coloring book front cover that you can print for your personalised coloring book.

Add to it the name of the recipient and your name as the kind person who put it together. The good thing about it is that this front cover in itself can be colored in.


American Thanksgiving Coloring Pages For 2011

Here we have plenty of artistic inspiration coloring pages for children and artists to color online on this American Thanksgiving holiday in the USA falls on the fourth Thursday in November. The Turkey day marks a long weekend for most of the native American families and it's the traditional kick off to the Christmas holiday season. This year US Thanksgiving is on November 25, 2011.

Canadian Thanksgiving Coloring Pages For 2011

The Canadian Thanksgiving observes on the second Monday of October each year. We bring original coloring sheets to print and color for you. With us you can celebrate Autumn hoidays of Thanksgiving day with lots of fun activities, we've got a great collection of original coloring pages for kids here. As this year Canada celebrates Thanksgiving day on Monday, Oct 10, 2011.

Thanksgiving Fall Coloring Pages

Personalize your Thanksgiving day by filling color on printable thanksgiving fall coloring pages of autumn season 2011. We bring dry leaves pictures, farm, nature and harvest for kids make great decorations with them. Find Thanksgiving activity page of games, jigsaw, mazes, fall craft, Disney cartoons, harvest crop, pug, native Indian American feast, pumpkin pictures and Thanksgiving autumn coloring pages.

Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Jesus is all mighty savior, Paying thanks and gratitude to lord Jesus we bring the collection of beautiful coloring pictures of Pilgrims, pumpkins, turkeys, harvest farm, pumpkins, native American autumn fall season coloring pages and more with these Printable Thanksgiving coloring pages right here for 2011. Fun interactive Thanksgiving day coloring pages for kids to color online. Its an interactive craft activity for toddlers and preschool kids to develop there skills and creativity. Kids can easily color Pilgrim's Hat and native Indians mask to wear on Turkey day. So check it out.

Fancy Bubble Letters 2011

1-Fancy Bubble Letters 2011
2-Fancy Bubble Letters 2011
3-Fancy Bubble Letters 2011
Who does not love a beauty? Surely as a normal human being would love to beauty, as well as in bubble letters printed in giving a title could not be separated from the word beautiful. It's the beauty of this life feels more meaningful and meaningless.


You don't often come across color by number coloring pages - so I made one!  here is a lovely Bratz dolls that you can color by following the color code. You can color the face however you want.... but the clothes, hair, boots etc are all color coded. I hope you enjoy coloring by numbers! To print this page click on the image and it will open nice and big - then print! Maybe you can print one for you and one for a friend? That would be kind!

Number Bubble Letters 2011

1-Number Bubble Letters 2011
2-Number Bubble Letters 2011
3-Number Bubble Letters 2011
Bubble Letters 2011, Number Letters, Number Bubble Letters, Letters 2011