Valentine's Heart Coloring Page

valentines heart coloring page
Romantic valentine's heart coloring page.

See Valentines Day coloring pages for another valentine sheet.

Happy New Year 2010 Coloring Pages

Having a dream alone would not suffice. Not guarantee the realization of the dream destination. Because the dream is the first step that will facilitate the next steps. In dreams, the next steps will be more properly directed.

After having a dream, the next step is very important to visualize that dream becomes a goal clear and detailed. Then start making plans and strategies to take measures to realize these dreams. Thus has a dream of clarity is essential in helping to facilitate detailed planning and action is required.

Remember that dream without a plan and action is merely a dream. When it was set dreams, make plans, work in action is always focused on our dreams and plans. With the focus will be more excited, more focused and gave birth to creativity to find new ways to realize.

If it is done consistently and focus, we will enjoy the results in the coming years. Point your hearts and minds about the beauty of success in realizing our dreams. Imagine at the end of the year, when you look back a list of your dream and your dream of many successful you realize. Very nice is not it?

For that write your dream list. Sure would be nice if we write it and then saw it again accomplishments we have achieved during the trip all year.




There are many Pokemons but Arbok is one of the scary ones! here is a coloring page of him - so grab your crayons and enjoy!

Christmas Tree and Santa Claus coloring page

Christmas Coloring Pages,Christmas tree Coloring Pages

Christmas tree and gifts coloring pages

Christmas Coloring Pages,Christmas tree Coloring page

Christmas Sprite Kids and Reindeer coloring pages

Christmas Coloring Pages


Okay Disney fans - here are some free printable Disney party invitations especially for you. Choose the invite you like best - perhaps you like the  Winnie the Pooh party invitations... or the Disney Babies printable party invitations or maybe you just love the free, printable Mickey Mouse invitations - well, which ever you like the on it to view it full size..then print however many copies you need for the friends you plan to invite.

Christmas Spirit Kids coloring pages

Christmas Coloring Pages

Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Valentines day coloring -
Happy Valentine's Day with coloring: teddy bear, hello kitty and banner.

Teddy Valentines day coloring page
Teddy Bear Valentines Day coloring page

valentine coloring pages

Christmas Spirit a Santa Claus coloring pages

Christmas Coloring Pages
Christmas Spirit a Santa Claus coloring pages

Christmas Santa Claus Coloring Page

Christmas Coloring Pages

New Year Coloring Page

Happy New Year coloring sheet
May this new year 2010 be the happiest of all.

Christmas Puppy and Tree Coloring Page

Christmas Coloring Pages
Christmas Puppy and Tree Coloring Page

Christmas presents under the Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Christmas Coloring Pages
Christmas presents under the Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Merry Christmas To All!

A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our visitors from Activity Village! We've just added even more Christmas activities to the site, so if you are still looking for inspiration, have a look at the pages below:

Santa's toy shop mixup
New puzzles added...
Christmas puzzles and mazes

Wreath collage
This pretty Christmas wreath is made from torn magazine paper and buttons, and is a perfect Christmas craft for all age of children, from youngest up.
Wreath collage craft

Tissue paper wreath hanging in window
How can something this simple be so pretty? Little children love to rip, scrumple up and stick  tissue paper, and with a result like this you will be hanging the wreath for many years!
Tissue paper wreath

Beaded wreath craft
This beaded wreath craft requires only a few craft cupboard supplies but will hang proudly on your Christmas tree for many years! Suitable for all ages.
Beaded wreath craft

Glitter glue wreath
This glitter glue wreath makes a quick and easy decoration for the Christmas tree which kids can make themselves in all sorts of designs. It catches the light and sparkles very prettily - the photos don't do it justice!
Glitter glue wreath

Sequined wreath on tree
Quick, simple for all ages, and pretty!
Sequined wreath

Snowman game (blue)
Print out our "Make A Snowman Game" for some family fun - it's just like beetle but snowier! Younger children might just like to print, cut and assemble a snowman to display.
Make A Snowman Game

Reindeer food sprinkle
Here's a little something that you can sprinkle on your lawn to make sure that Santa's reindeer pay you a visit! Make some for your family and perhaps for your friends too... (includes printable tag)
Reindeer food sprinkle

3D Christmas snowman and tree - use for display or as Christmas cards

Triangle Christmas Balls Coloring Page

Christmas Coloring Pages

Turtle Coloring Pages

Turtle Coloring Pages: Turtle is a very funny animals, look at the strange shape. With a rounded head and feet are very quick swim in the sea along the waves. What makes it so beautiful turtle is a form of shell which he always carried everywhere. This hard shell protects the turtle from wild animals in the ocean.

You can choose one of these turtle coloring pages and then download it in to your own computer. After that, print this coloring page. Just follow the black line to make your color good. But remember, the line just help you to make the work looks better, but it cannot stop your imagination.

Okay, already knew about this funny animal. It’s time to paint this picture. Use your drawing tools and let your imagination flow like a wave that enveloped the small turtle. You can color it with whatever color you like. Okay take your stationery and drawing tools, and show your friend your work finished.

turtle coloring sheet

Rosca de Reyes coloring pages


Christmas Candy Can Coloring Page

Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Windows Coloring Page for Kids

Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Coloring Pages


This is a free, printable Bratz calendar for 2011 - it has a picture to color alongside so you can personalise it - it will look great in your room once you have printed and coloured this in... Happy New Year!

Star Christmas Ball Coloring Pages

Christmas Coloring Pages,

Big Santa Claus Coloring Pages

Christmas Coloring Pages

Here comes Santa!

Christmas Candle Coloring Pages

Christmas Coloring Pages
Christmas Candle Coloring Pages

Christmas Fun - So Much New!

Christmas pudding beanbag
It's not often you get to throw a Christmas pudding about, but you can if you make our Christmas pudding beanbag to play with!
Christmas pudding beanbag

Make your own snow globe
You just need some simple supplies and some imagination to make your own pretty snow globe!
Make your own snow globe

Christmas present decorations
Use our Christmas scrapbook paper to make some cute little Christmas present decorations to hang on the tree .. you could even fill them up with a little treat to be opened on Christmas morning!
Christmas present decorations

Here's a way to make a gingerbread house without having to do any baking!
Gingerbread house craft

Gingerbread house cookies
Absolutely the best way to make gingerbread houses with a group of kids!
Gingerbread house cookies

Sarah, Jack and Sam's gingerbread house - isn't it fantastic?
Make a gingerbread house

Elf shoes craft
Those busy elves need good shoes to keep them going, and we've got an idea for making very cute elf shoes which you could hang on the Christmas tree, use to hold a small gift, or just put out on display! For older children ssome fairly tricky blanket stitch required!)
Elf shoes

Elf shoe collage
Here's a simpler elf shoe collage craft. All you need are a few craft cupboard supplies and our template! This would make a fun home-made Christmas card, too.
Elf shoe collage

Christmas jigsaws to print
New to Activity Village, these cute printable jigsaws come in 5 Christmas animal designs and 4 levels of difficulty - and each jigsaw features a hidden "shape" at its centre. They make a simple, quick and easy portable Christmas activity!
Christmas jigsaws to print

Santa Claus around the world poster
Print these fun new Christmas language posters for the classroom or home and learn the words for "Christmas" and "Santa Claus" in different languages from around the world.
Christmas language posters

Snowman mobile to print
Print, cut out, glue and hang this very cute Snowman Mobile - there are 8 different cheerful snowmen to entertain you as they drift in the breeze!
Snowman Mobile

Mini booklets to print with Christmas covers - perfect for a shopping list or "to do list" to tuck into your pocket or handbag. I can't live without these now! Kids can use them to write stories, keep notes, make lists of present they would like...
Christmas pattern booklets

Penguin to do list

Fun Christmas organisers to print
- December calendar, planner, shopping lists, to do lists and more!

Quirky, charming and very cute! We put this angel on the top of our tree every year.
Wooden spoon angel 2

A pretty new window angel craft. Hang your angel in the window and watch the winter sun shine through and make her sparkle!
Window angel

Card - Santa Ho Ho Ho
6 fun new Christmas cards to print
Printable Christmas cards

Carol singers coloring card
5 lovely new Christmas coloring cards for older kids.
Christmas coloring cards

Santa lacing card
2 new Christmas lacing cards for little children

Ornament frames
New Christmas classroom printables - great for all sorts of writing projects, shape books, notebooking, and more..
Christmas classroom printables

Bell template
4 new Christmas templates - great for making homemade Christmas cards, shape books and other projects.
Christmas templates

Christmas decorations scrapbook paper
5 pretty new Christmas scrapbook paper designs for your crafty projects!
Christmas scrapbook paper

Christmas Money Envelope - Bearing Gifts
A fun way to give money or a gift certificate at Christmas! Three designs...
Christmas money envelopes

Nativity Scene to print, colour in and assemble
If you took part in our online advent calendar last year (2008), you might have had a go at this charming nativity scene to print, cut out, colour and assemble. If not, it is now available on the website...
Nativity Scene to print

Christmas writing paper to print
Four new writing paper printables have been added - and we think they are very cute!
Christmas writing paper and frames

Christmas bookmarks
Two lots of new Christmas bookmarks to print - we now have 8 designs "ready to go" and 1 set for colouring...
Christmas bookmarks to print