Spring* Find and draw the butterflies

Activity Village Video - The Color Purple!

A purple ball - a purple balloon - a purple handprint - what else will the kids spot in this flashcard video featuring the Color Purple?

NB: Please do not allow your children to browse video sharing sites unsupervised.

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Activity Village Video - The Color Pink!

What will your children spot in this latest flashcard video, brought to you by the Color Pink!

NB: Please do not let your children browse video sharing sites unsupervised!

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No More Helicopter Parenting! 7 Tips to Teach Your Children Self Reliance.

We all know that "helicopter parenting," the practice of hovering over children and swooping in at any sign of challenge, discomfort, or impending failure, needs to become a thing of the past. Parents who allow their children to make mistakes and learn from them are giving their children a major advantage in life.

It's developmentally appropriate for children to become more and more independent, self reliant and responsible as they age. It can be challenging for parents to know when to step back and let their children try something on their own. After all, from the time their children were babies, parents have spent years meeting many to all of their child's needs.

No More Helicopter Parenting! 7 Tips to Teach Your Children Self Reliance.

Create A Home Recycling Center

Recycling is a small way you can help the environment and is being offered in more cities and towns across the county. Unfortunately, just the thought of recycling can add to the sense of overwhelm and prevent you from making it part of your daily life. Following the 8 steps, one by one, can guide you to make this simple impact into an effortless routine.
Create A Home Recycling Center

And while you are thinking about recycling, don't forget to check out our section on
Recycling for Kids!

Origami Dove - New Video

This pretty origami dove is easy to fold, although it does require scissors and a few simple cuts. It makes a pretty decoration for mantelpiece and table, a lovely mobile, or even a Christmas tree decoration.

NB: Please do not let your children browse video sharing sites unsupervised.
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Easter Cards to Print - Four New Designs

If you find yourself stuck for an Easter card last minute, you will find four cute new printable cards on the website today ... we hope you like them!

Happy Easter! Find and color the eggs!

Easter Counting - Count along with our latest video!

Here is a fun way for your children to practice their counting skills! They will find Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and more to count in our latest early learning video.

Fairy Land Coloring Sheets

fairy picture outline drawing for coloringPictures of fairies, castles, mushrooms - magical fairy coloring pages.

I love the delicate fairy outline - combine it with a butterfly to make your own garden fairy coloring picture.

St Patrick's Day Coloring Pages - Happy St Pats!

I have just been alerted to the fact that some of our St Patrick's Day colouring pages were not printing properly. Many apologies to any of you who were frustrated by this, and I hope I have now fixed the problem. If you have been disappointed over the last few days please go back and try again!

Early Learning Videos - The Color Orange

Sit your toddler on your lap and learn all about the color orange together with our latest Early Learning Video!

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Early Learning Videos - The Color Green

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Ballerina Primavera * Ballet coloring pages

Lacing Cards to print, laminate and hole-punch for your little ones!

We hope you enjoy these gorgeous new Lacing Cards with your kids. Easy to print and laminate so that they can be used over and over again, Lacing Cards are great for improving hand-eye coordination, developing fine motor skills and concentration. And they are just plain fun! Keep a stock of them ready in a large ziploc envelope for odd moments, car journeys or waiting rooms!
Lacing Cards

Handwriting Worksheets - Handwriting Readiness

Today we have added more worksheets to our Educational pages, for your pre-schoolers getting ready to start writing numbers and letters. You'll find all sorts of handwriting readiness worksheets, to print and use as they are or to laminate for repeat use. A fun way to work on pencil control!
Handwriting readiness

Coloring Sheet - Easter Basket

Easter Basket Coloring Picture

This charming Easter basket is overflowing with eggs ready for coloring.

LINK: Easter Basket with Eggs to Color

NEWS! Easter Coloring Lens was selected as Lens of the Day at Squidoo

Fine Motor Skills - Cutting

Cutting is not only an interesting and fun activity for young children, but it is a useful way of helping your child to master the small muscles controlling the hand, fingers, and thumb. Today we have added a range of cutting skills printables to Activity Village. Start with thick straight lines, then progress through dotted lines and simple shapes to some very tricky cutting activities such as fringes and spirals! We'll be adding some craft ideas soon, too.

Painted Wellies - What All the Smartest Kids Are Wearing This Spring!

Get ready for April showers with our Painted Wellies! Kids will have great fun decorating and personalising their Wellies - and the best thing about this craft is that you can wipe off the results and start again whenever you like.

Grow A Grass Head Monster!

You will have to gather together a few materials for this gorgeous green-haired monster, but the kids will get so much pleasure out of creating their monster and watching him sprout hair that it is definitely worth it!

Easter Crafts - Lots NEW!

We have some gorgeous new Easter crafts for children at Activity Village this year, including five new ideas just added:

St Patrick's Day Crafts - Lots NEW!

We've added even more St Patrick's Day crafts to the site today, so head on over and make sure you have everything you need to get really crafty with your kids!

Pot Of Gold Collage

Rainbow Shakers

St Patrick's Day Wreath

Rainbow Window Decoration

Even more St Patrick's Day crafts

Cheerleading Coloring pages

Active Kids Video - What Do Your Kids Love Doing?

This is the first in our new series of videos called "A Child's World". Featuring favourite childhood themes they are fun for younger children to watch and great for slightly older kids to practise their new reading skills. This first video, "Active Kids", shows some busy children doing things they love to do...

Early Learning Videos - The Color Yellow

Your little ones will enjoy spotting all the yellow objects in our latest flashcards video about the color yellow!

Early Learning Videos - The Color Blue

NB: Please do not allow your child to browse video sharing sites unsupervised.