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Nanny Cams

In times gone by, the term “nanny cam” referred to a small video camera clandestinely installed in an every day household object to secretly monitor the activities of the hired help inside the home. The images that the camera records from its secret position are then stored on a tape, which is located inside a VCR that may be located inside another room.
Read on to discover the pros and cons of using a nanny cam, as well as important security checks you should undertake before hiring a nanny or household help.
Nanny Cams

Connect the squares and color!

Where is my mammy?********coloring page

My Babys must have an other color...

Connect the dots, discover my mom!

Kids, color my baby, please!

The Memory Project - helping children in India and Uganda

We have just come across The Memory Project - an unusual, and we think wonderful, way for children to get involved in helping kids who are less fortunate than themselves in India and Uganda.

There are three ways to get invovled:

1. Memory Portraits - in this program, highly skilled art students create portraits of children living in orphanages around the world. Given that these children who have been abandoned, neglected, abused or orphaned, have few keepsakes, the purpose of the portraits is to provide them with a special memory of their youth and help honour their heritage and identity. If you are an art teacher perhaps you could get your most talented students involved?

2. Books of Hope - in this program, students at all levels work together to create humorous, thoughtful and / or educational books as a way of reaching out to children experiencing extreme challenges. Student-made books are currently being sent to India (for children rescued from slavery and now striving to receive an education) and Uganda (for children who have experienced a brutal civil war). Perhaps your child's class could get involved?

3. Donate to the project

Please have a look at the Memory Project's website for more details.

Connect the dots

Descover the goose, connect the dots and color!