Flashcard reoource - definitely one to check out!

I have just spent an hour looking through the wonderful flashcards provided at BogglesWorldESL and feel that there is something for everyone there! Although designed to be used in teaching English as a foreign language, there are dolch sight words, ABC flashcards with delightful pictures, cards teaching prepositions, verbs and so on. I also enjoyed the French and Spanish flashcards. Definitely worth a look!
Flash cards

Super Farm, Picnic and Fishing Printable Activities

We have found some really super printables for kids here on three themes: the farm (complete with gorgeous animals and barn), a picnic (your kids will have fun deciding what food goes on the picnic plates) and fishing. Print them out and save them for a rainy day!
Farm, Picnic and Fishing printables

Summer Flip Flops Craft

We are trying to convince ourselves that summer isn't over with this fun flip flop craft idea! Great for using up crafty bits and pieces that you will have lying around the house, you can adapt the craft to suit all ages of kids.
Summer Flip Flops Craft

More Origami for Kids

We've added many new origami models to the site in the brand new "Origami for Kids" section, including some really spooky ideas for Halloween (great fun for cards, invitations, decorations, party activities ...) and a collection of very cute animals. Get your kids a stack of origami paper and start folding!
Origami for Kids

Coloring Pages of Masterpieces

There are some super coloring pages here based on masterpieces and sculptures - everything from Van Gogh's Starry Night to Donatello's St George. Great for older kids.
Coloring Pages of Masterpieces

Kids Halloween Parties

Door to door trick or treating may be a thing of the past, but Kids’ Halloween parties, done with imagination and creativity, can be an alternative not only every bit as much fun, but much safer than the door to door trick or treating you might have done in the past.
Kids Halloween Parties: No Tricks, Just Treats And Lots Of Fun Halloween Enjoyment

Origami for Kids

I have long been a fan of origami, and love sitting down to fold origami models with children. Now we are adding some of those origami creations to Activity Village, and hope to build up a really useful collection of inspiring projects to help you keep your kids busy! We are working on more projects every day, so please check back regularly to find out what is new. We have started with an origami sailing boat (perfect for beginners) and some very cute animals: a cat, a dog, a bunny and a penguin. Much more to come!
Origami for Kids

New Inspirational Posters to Print

We have added some new inspirational posters - featuring four of our favorite inspiring quotes and gorgeous photos - which we hope that parents and teachers will enjoy.
Posters to print

Jokes for Kids - Huge Update!

Do your kids like jokes? Most do! Please head on over to the Kids Jokes section - which has had a huge update and revamp over the last week - to see what you can find to get them giggling!
Jokes for Kids

American Sign Language Flashcards

We have just added some American Sign Language Flashcards to the website. Once learned, finger spelling in sign language is a useful skill for all children to have. It also allows children to appreciate how difficult it is for young deaf children to communicate when they can't do so verbally.

And learning finger spelling can be fun, too. You can make up all sorts of games which will not only reinforce your child's knowledge of sign language, but of real spelling too!

American Sign Language Flashcards

August Newsletter Out Now

The August newsletter is now online.

Please take a look to find out about the many changes and additions made to the website over the last few months!

Kids and Vegetables - Some Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Eat Them!

Kids and vegetables don't seem to go together very easily! One common struggle that most mothers will face at some time or other is getting their kids to eat their veggies, as most kids will turn up their nose at the site of anything green. So how do you get around the veggie issue? Here are some fun and easy ways to get your kids to eat their veggies. Kids and Vegetables

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Coloring Page Database - Massive Update Continues!

If your kids love coloring, please head on over to our Coloring Page Database, where we have been updating many of their favorite characters! Find all the best coloring pages without having to do the hard work yourself!

A Bug's Life coloring pages Lots NEW!
Alvin and the Chipmunks coloring pages Lots NEW!
Ancient Egypt coloring pages Lots NEW!
Ancient Rome coloring pages NEW!
Ancient Greece coloring pages NEW!
Angel coloring pages Lots NEW!
Archie comics Lots NEW!
Arthur coloring pages (Arthur and friends) Lots NEW!
Australia coloring pages Lots NEW!
Autumn coloring pages Lots NEW!
Back to school coloring pages Lots NEW!
Ballet coloring pages Lots NEW!
Banana in Pyjamas colouring pages Lots NEW!
Barbie Coloring Pages Lots NEW!
Barney Coloring Pages Lots NEW!
Baseball coloring pages Lots NEW!
Basketball coloring pages NEW!
Batman coloring pages Lots NEW!
Bear in the Big Blue House coloring pages Lots NEW!
Birthday coloring pages Lots NEW!
Blue's Clues coloring pages Lots NEW!
Bob the Builder colouring pages Lots NEW!
Care Bears coloring pages Lots NEW!
Castle coloring pages Lots NEW!

Find the complete Coloring Page Database here

Two New "Back To School" Articles

Back to School Show And Tell
One thing you can count on during the first days of school is the inevitable question of "What did you do over the summer?" Here are a few creative ways to describe your summer experiences for the first edition of Show and Tell.

Creative Back to School Activity Ideas for Kids
A back to school activity is a creative way to welcome students back to school or celebrate the start of the new school year. As much as the kids enjoy summer vacation, they love to go back to school. Children love to see friends they haven’t seen all summer, meet new friends and get to know their new teacher.

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Encouraging Reading

Encouraging your child to read a wide variety of books is probably the best education you can give them - but sometimes it seems an uphill struggle! We have put together a collection of tips and tricks to encourage reading which may give you some ideas, as well as pulling together a collection of printables which can make the process more fun.
Enouraging Reading..

Avoiding Toddler Tantrums

The terrible twos … even the most dignified parent has been left red-faced and wanting to be swallowed into the ground while their toddler is having a public meltdown. Here are a few easy ideas for avoiding toddler tantrums...
Avoiding Toddler Tantrums

New Family Recipe Collection

We are beginning to add a collection of delicious, easy to prepare, family recipes at Activity Village. Head on over to Family Recipes to find recipes for Breakfast Bagel Casserole and Overnight French Toast, comforting Creamy Chicken Soup, Easy Mexican Enchiladas, and more tempting treats! We've started with 10 recipes but we will adding more regularly..
New Family Recipe Collection

When Your Toddler Won't Share

If you’re the parent of a toddler I’m sure at some point you have been embarrassed by the refusal of your toddler to share his toys, and if you haven’t - beware… it’s bound to crop up in the not too distant future.
When Your Toddler Won't Share

Air Travel With Kids - how to make it a little easier!

It’s fair to say that air travel with kids isn’t always easy. Even the shortest of flights can sometimes pose problems. However, there are a few things you can do to make your family’s air travel experience a little easier and definitely more enjoyable.
Air Travel With Kids