Watching TV is a Risk Factor for Childhood Obesity

A recent study shows with no doubt the close link between viewing unhealthy food advertisements on TV and overweight children. According to many reports watching television is the most engaging activity, except sleeping, for many kids...
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Free Coloring Pages for Kids

The big update of our coloring page database continues - and we now have literally thousands of coloring pages classified so that you can find them quickly when you need to keep your kids busy for a while!
Free Coloring Pages for Kids


Shyness and Showing Off

Shyness and Showing Off:
Kids' shyness and showing off have one thing in common. They are both behaviours that bring them a great deal of attention ...

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Social Skills and Problem Solving

Social Skills: Social Skills and Problem Solving: A Coaching Method for Guiding Your Kids to Solve Problems Wisely
By Ellen Mossman-Glazer

When you want your kids to make better decisions, and especially teens and tweens, they are not going to change until they see that what they are currently doing is not helping them. To help them refashion their vision, you can be the catalyst without being the bad guy...

Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Coloring Pages for Kids

We have lots going on at the Coloring Pages database at the moment ... new popular coloring page categories going up, old ones being updated!

Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Links for girls

We have a huge new collection of links to printables, coloring pages, crafts, favorite character websites - everything specially designed to appeal to the little girls in your family!

Links for Girls

Conflict Resolution for Kids

Conflict Resolution for Kids:
Teaching Your Kids Conflict Resolution
By Carrie Lauth

If you're like me, you want to teach your kids how to resolve their little conflicts by themselves. Tattling is inappropriate attention-seeking behavior, and the tattler is rarely 100% free of responsibility.

Unless someone is bleeding, coughing up a lung or otherwise in danger, the rule in my house is: no tattling. Besides, a parent could spend their entire day mitigating sibling skirmishes! While saving yourself time, you could be teaching them an invaluable life skill ...

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Activity Village Newsletter May 2006

Activity Village Newsletter May 2006

The latest newsletter is now online, with news of all recent updates to Activity Village - including Russian language learning for kids, new learning games, quotes for teachers and lots of new teacher appreciation printables!

Parents who don't know what children are for - Sunday Times - Times Online

Parents who don't know what children are for - Sunday Times "Parents who don't know what children are for" by Minette Marrin

In some parts of the animal kingdom, when times are harsh, adult creatures start having problems breeding. Mating patterns are interrupted and the animals either eat their young or spontaneously abort them or abandon them or don't have young at all. In the past few days it has begun to seem as if something like this is happening in the human species ...

Should we adjust our views on young children and the set? - Times 2 - Times Online

Should we adjust our views on young children and the set?
Pre-schoolers who watch TV fare slightly better at school, an American report claims, although other experts, both in the US and UK, still advocate a prudent approach. Read this article in The Times here.