New Toys for 2006

New Toys for 2006
By Jason Hahn

At the most recent Toy Fair in New York City, toy manufacturers got the chance to display and show off their newest goodies to retailers. Below are some of the toys that were debuted.

- Nerf Showtime Hoops: This Hasbro creation features an electronic basketball hoop system with a ball that bounces off of the backboard, but is just soft enough to prevent breaking a window. This toy was developed with And1, a popular basketball brand. The hoop goes up to 6 feet and 7 inches, and features the interactive voice of And1�s emcee �Duke Tango.� The hoop also comes with built-in speakers, jacks for portable music players, cup holders, drink dispenser, scoreboard, and a spotlight that shows the child where to stand. [$250]

- My Furreal Friends Pony: Hasbro also created an animated pony with sensors that will respond to touch, sound, and light. Children can climb on the pony�s back to go for a ride, while the toy makes galloping sounds. If its mane is brushed, the pony will neigh. If the pony�s name is called out, the toy will turn its head towards the sound of the voice. [$300]

- Play-Doh: In light of Play-Doh�s 50th birthday, Hasbro has introduced a birthday cake-shaped pack of 50 Play-Doh colors, featuring six new colors. [$13]

- Moon Sand: Spin Master introduces a new rival to Play-Doh with its Moon Sand, a sand-like substance that can be molded into shapes just like regular dough. But the key difference here is that Moon Sand will never dry when it is left out and can be molded again after it is left alone for a period of time. [$5-20]

- Digital Spy Camera: Wild Planet has come out with a pair of shades for kids who aspire to become spies. These sunglasses can take up to 20 photos with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels with its retractable camera. [$35]

- Air Hogs Hydro Freak: This is a remote-controlled vehicle that can drive on the ground, coast above water, or fly into the air, created by Spin Master. [$100]

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