Raising Boys

Raising Boys

The last decade has seen heightened interest in and awareness of the issues surrounding boys in most of the western world. It is common knowledge that boys lead the way in all the wrong statistics, including; problematic behaviours, learning difficulties and health problems. Educators and professionals around the world are looking for ways to cater for and engage young males....

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Time Managment Skills for Children

Time Managment Skills for Children

Cooking with Kids Safely

Cooking with Kids Safely

This article reminds us of safety rules for cooking with children, and includes 3 healthy, summery recipes which you will enjoy preparing together.

Activity Village Newsletter - Latest Issue Now Online

Activity Village Newsletter 25.06.05

Bullying - The Constitutional Solution

Bullying - The Constitutional Solution

Why attempts to stop bullying often don't work - and how you can teach your child to stop being a victim. Very interesting reading.

Bubble solution recipe and links - fun for the summer!

Bubble solution recipe

What better way could there be for kids to spend a summer afternoon than blowing bubbles! We have a recipe for mixing up your own bubble solution, ideas for making bubble wands, and bubble links to keep you interested.

Emotionally Intelligent Kids - Top 10 Ways to Raise Them!

Top 10 Ways to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Backpacks and bullies - is your child prepared?

Backpacks and bullies - is your child prepared?l

The Romans - a super school for those learnng about the Romans

The Romans

This primary school site is packed full of work created by the children, including a charming model of a Roman Baths which you can explore in 3d! Have a look with your kids.

Sudoku For Kids! Kids can now enjoy the Sudoku craze too!

Sudoku For Kids!

We are thrilled to be adding a section on Sudoku For Kids to Activity Village's puzzle pages. Adults all over the country are going mad over Sudoku, and there is no reason that kids can't test their logic skills and try to solve our printable Sudoku puzzles too. (NB Adults - if you haven't tried Sudoku yet, we suggest you try one of our easy puzzles yourself and explore the links on the page for hints and tips on how to solve it. Then you can try a puzzle together with your kids, explaining the different logic techniques and making sure they don't resort to guessing, which should not be necessary!) Kids as young as 7 and 8 could give it a try; 9 and 10 year olds will definitely enjoy the challenge. We will be adding more Sudoku puzzles regularly!